Web Security

Cyber Security Consultancy

Cyber Security often comes as an after though once you already have a team of developers working on a website or an online application. We know that and offer our Cyber Security expertise to make sure who ever you have hired still gives you the best security you can ask for.

To be fair a lot of developers don't like working with us as we point out a lot of holes in their system. Understandibly as nobody likes a critic, but we can be a big reassurrance as a 3rd party security expert.

We speak both tech language, to communicate with your tech team, and plain English so that anyone overseeing the work understands our report on what actions need to be taken.

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Hacked Website Recovery

Finding out your website is hacked can be a stressful ordeal. Luckily A site can oftern be fully recover and made secure against any future hacks

It is important to know how the hackers got access and to what. Did they only have access to the Admin panel to change content or did they got hold of all personal info of your clients and possibly any stored credit card details.

We don't just recover websites we guide you through the full process of dealing with security breaches.

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Website Defence

You understand the risk of having your website hacked and want to make sure you covered your (GDPR) responsiblity in making sure it won't get hacked.

We work with lost of different CMS's to secure our clients website. Ofcourse if you start from scratch we recommend our own CMS. Although hacking through a websites CMS is the most common way of getting access. There are other ways in.

Server security is an other important issue that is harder to control. We will work with you to make sure your website and the data it holds is secure on all sides.

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Ethical Penetration Testing

We always like a challenge and the best way to test if your website is secure is let us have a go at hacking it. Fully under contract ofcourse as our hackers only work within the law.

You can contrat us at a minimal start up fee and we only get a reward bonus if we do get access to your site within the set time limit. This means if your site is truely secure you pay next to nothing to get that confirmed.

Once we do get access we don't stop there as we do want to keep testing what other vulnarabilities there are.

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We help Small Businesses with all of their Digital Marketing Needs. From websites that work as lead generation funnels to getting prospects to those website.

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